This is part of my “Tastes Of Home” series. Chow-Chow is a traditional Pennsylvania Dutch (Americanization of “Deutsch” or German) food. It’s a combination of corn, carrots, green beans, onions, peppers, beans – basically any combination of vegetables you can find – pickled in a sweet and sour brine. Assuming it was a practical way of preserving the Summer harvest. Have to admit, I’m not a big fan. But nothing is as Dutchy as chow-chow. The Wos-Wit brand really plays up the Dutchiness, using traditional PA Dutch imagery, like the distlefink bird and hearts, on their packaging. Wos-Wit means “what do you want” in PA Dutch. My “Tastes of Home” series celebrates food brands native to Berks County, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Dutch country, and greater Philadelphia – the area where I live. In this area, there’s a large settlement of German immigrants who created their own subculture. “If you ain’t Dutch, you ain’t much.”