Steve Scheuring

Drawing of my lovely bride. Drew this from a reference photo taken on our 25th Anniversary trip to Iceland. Photo outside of the hot springs baths. Stacey is more beautiful every day.

My son, Cole, took the reference photo for this one at Sunset Beach at the Jersey Shore. Took this Summer of 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Love that he was moved enough to take some photographs. Painted this quickie in under an hour.

Cranked out this oil painting. Quickie. Only took roughly 3 hours total. Did this off of a reference photo my son took of the sunrise at Sea Isle City on the Jersey Shore the Summer of 2020. He got up real early to run – was touched by the beauty of the sunrise, and took some great photos. Fun to paint – kept this one real loose – most of the detail is implied.

Going back to my roots with this one – neon sign, nighttime reflective paintings. Have always loved the contrast of warm lights against cool backgrounds. This painting is of a diner in Wildwood, New Jersey. Love the retro 50’s-style vibe of the signage in this shore town.

Painted this “fantasy” landscape from a series of photos taken while on Summer vacation to Ireland in 2017. Painting was cobbled together – the tree was at one part of the Ring of Kerry. The cows and ocean view were at another. Got a “liar, that’s not what it looked like! That tree wasn’t there!” Creating your own reality is what makes being an artist fun – only limited by your own mind. Gave me an opportunity to teach a lesson to the kids on “artistic license”.

Painted this from a reference photo taken on a Summer family vacation to Ireland in 2017. Beautiful landscaping in the park around Blarney castle and mansion. That’s Stacey in the foreground and the kids are suggestions in the background.

Painted this quickie off of a reference photo taken on a work trip.

On Summer vacation in Ireland in 2017, took a reference photo used for this painting. Was touring the retro village around Bunratty castle. Brushing up on my watercolor skills – although this says “oil”, it’s actually painted with gouache, an opaque watercolor. This guy was a cast character in a village office – was playing a doctor. Interesting guy.

Fun one to paint. Painted this and two apple paintings in one weekend while on Corona virus lockdown – got on a roll, and had fresh crimson and cadmium red paint on the pallet – decided to use it up. Painting circular fruit like cherries and apples is “liberating” – can paint quickly without worrying too much about placement, proportion, or perspective.

This painting is as much about the leaves as it is the apple. Enjoy painting the contrast of light and shadow. Love how the light filters through the transparent leaves.