This is part of my “Tastes Of Home” series. Fastnachts are a German fried doughnut usually made from potato flour and served on Shrove Tuesday, the day before Lent starts. Usually served plain, coated with powdered sugar, or sliced open and served with syrup and/or butter (I like both). The brand of syrup that’s a must is Turkey syrup. It’s the best. No, there are no turkeys used to make the syrup – not sure where it got it’s name. Anyone who has had this syrup knows it’s near impossible to pour from the jar and not get a sticky streak of syrup running down the side of the jar. Turkey syrup is also a must when making PA Dutch shoo-fly pie (wet bottom, of course). My “Tastes of Home” series celebrates food brands native to Berks County, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Dutch country, and greater Philadelphia – the area where I live.