Painted this to celebrate my Alma Mater – Penn State. Includes obvious stuff – the lion, marching band, cheerleaders, Beaver Stadium, Old Main, Creamery ice cream, Joepa, grilled stickies. Includes key sports figures – Lenny Moore, Rosy Grier, John Cappalletti, Wallace Tripplet, Shane Conlan, Franco Harris – to name a few. Includes notable grads – Keegan Michael Key, Jonathan Frakes (Riker in Star Trek), Fisher (as in Fisher Price toys), Betty and Richard James (inventors of the Slinky), Guion Bluford (astronaut), Adam McKay (Will Ferrell’s writing partner), and Ty Burrell from Modern Family. And, includes less obvious stuff – marshmallows (thrown at football games in the late 80’s), Mike The Mailman, The Willard Preacher, Ernie from The Phyrst, Old Coaly (PSU’s first mascot), and tons of other stuff. Most importantly, my friends names are hidden throughout the painting. We Are!