Painted this portrait of Tommy Merlene Dimsdle for my good friend, Jeff Palmer. I lived in Houston, Texas in the early 90’s – Jeff and I worked together – got to be real close – we still find ways to stay in touch. Tommy, Jeff’s father-in-law, passed away a few years ago. Jeff’s wife, Lisa, was real close with her father – his passing was/is hard on her. Jeff wanted to surprise Lisa with the painting as a Christmas present. He knows I don’t normally take on commissions, so he worked me for a while. Was reluctant, but once Jeff sent me the reference photos, I couldn’t say “no.” Tommmy, a Texan, seemed to have the good, classic qualities of the people I came to love from my time living there in the 90’s. I’m so glad I worked on this project. Was an honor getting to know Tommy. And, I was thrilled with Jeff and Lisa’s reactions to the painting.