Part of my “Tastes Of Home” series. Taylor pork roll is a staple in the Jersey/Southeastern PA area. Apparently, there’s a debate – is it called “pork roll” or “ham”? Not sure why there’s a debate as it says “pork roll” right on the packaging. For those not initiated, pork roll is a ham-based breakfast sausage. Comes presliced (the package in the back of the painting) or in a loaf encased in burlap (the package in the front of the painting). Sliced then fried. Locals cut slits in the sides to prevent the slices from cupping and curling up when fried. The other debate – 3 slits or 4 slits (also known as the cross or the fireman’s badge). I’m partial to 4 slits as the packaging gives clues to the cross in the center “o” of “Taylor”. Pork roll, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches are a staple in my area. In North Jersey, you’ll find them as well, usually served on a Portuguese roll or bagel. However, when you order a North Jersey sandwich, ketchup is automatic. In South Jersey/Southeastern PA, have to request ketchup. I like the sandwiches with ketchup and will go with the flow when I’m in North Jersey, but I prefer mustard on my pork roll sandwiches. My “Tastes Of Home” series celebrates food brands native to Berks County, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Dutch Country, and Greater Philadelphia – the area where I live.