Here’s another “Taste Of Home” painting – this one is #24 in the series. Everyone knows that cheesesteaks are a Philly thing. But, I didn’t realize that there are subtle regional differences. In Philly, the Amaroso or Conshohocken roll are the standards. Up where I live in Berks County, an hour Northwest of Philly, the ATV bakery roll is standard (although I’ve found a few places that are now getting Conshohocken rolls). In Philly, the standard cheesesteak is simply steak, cheese wiz, and onions – “one wiz with.” American cheese or provolone are also considered acceptable substitutes. In Berks County, wiz is rare – American or provolone cheese is the norm, and some use mozzarella. And, in Berks, cheesesteaks automatically come with tomato sauce (or “gravy” as it’s known in parts of Philly). In Philly, if you want a cheesesteak with sauce, you can get it, but you have to order a “pizza steak.” The best sauce, the one that most places use, is Tallarico’s. Tallarico’s is a Bethlehem, PA product – sauce is automatic on a cheesesteak North of me in Lehigh County as well, probably because of the availability of this brand. Great product – just the right sweetness. What do I prefer? It’s ALL good. When in Philly, “one wiz with.” When local, bring on the sauce. The “Tastes Of Home” series features food brands local to Reading/Berks County, Pennsylvania Dutch Country, and the greater Philadelphia area.