Part of my “Tastes Of Home” series. This one is a real “deep cut” – even most folks in my area haven’t heard of this one. Cup cheese is a slightly-ammoniated Brie-like cheese spread with the consistency and appearance of a cross between soft Brie and Vaseline. Appetizing, right? I think I had my first taste of cup cheese at my grandmother’s house when I was a kid. Mentioned I liked it, and my Mom got more at the farmer’s market. The more I ate it, the more I noticed the ammoniated taste until I grew to dislike it. Couldn’t find the stuff when I prepared for this painting – my Mom found it at a small local market. Tried it again – yeah, it tastes a bit weird, but Shenk’s Cup Cheese is a perfect representation of a small, of-the-beaten-track, local Pennsylvania Dutch brand. My “Tastes Of Home” series celebrates food brands native to Berks County, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Dutch Country, and Greater Philadelphia – the area where I live.