I went down to my basement – saw an old stack of albums.  Was drawn to the garish pink and green of the Sex Pistols “Never Mind The Bollocks” album cover.  Thought it would make a great background for a still life.  I began assembling some of my favorite musicians’ covers – James Brown, Bob Marley, Morrissey, The White Stripes, U2, Elvis Costello – tried to find musicians I liked, but was more focused on finding compelling images.  Many of my paintings include images within images.  I like how the still life can appear as a simple still life or as something more fantastical with the objects taking on a life of their own.  Elvis Costello staring out from behind the camera on the “Last Year’s Model” cover pulled me in.  Had an almost Hannibal Lecter/Darth Vader quality – the camera he’s hiding behind almost feels like a mask.  Used this intense stare as the focal point.  Notice the shadow lines from an outside window lead your eye directly to Elvis.

The little blue monsters – I’m in love with them.  Found them at the Philly Art Museum gift shop.   They’re Russian Nesting Dolls.  Liked the shape and the faces – bought them knowing I would use them in a still life.  Like the repetitive, simple shape.  And, the blue is a nice counterbalance to the stark pinks and oranges. Why tangerines?  Why a pomegranate?  I don’t know – I followed an impulse.  Fruits are fun to paint.  And, I needed a strong pink counterbalance.

A happy coincidence led to the name “Nevermind.”  The Nirvana cover (bottom left) is also called “Nevermind.”  The word “Nevermind” appears three times in this painting – Nirvana cover, Sex Pistols cover, and the reflection on the Bob Marley cover.  I wish I could say this was planned – I always find the best surprises in the details.