Loved including the whole family in this one – a celebration of a great time while on vacation in Italy. The blues of the Mediterranean are unreal – deep cobalt/Prussian blues mixed with spots of green/teal. Live, the colors don’t seem real because they are so vibrant. This landscape is a little different for me – most of my landscapes are at dusk or night. Wanted to do something like some of my earlier landscapes and do something bright and cheery in full sun (given the Corona virus lockdown, wanted to paint something more uplifting). But, I used many of my normal compositional go to’s – a panoramic view, extreme foreground figures, and a circular composition. Painting cobbled together from a number of reference photos taken of Manarola while on family vacation in Northern Italy the Summer of 2019. Painted this while on Corona virus lockdown – that vacation seems like eons ago – my, how things have changed.