I love painting large, complicated, jumbled-up still life paintings. For my painting, “Super”, I collected a number of great superhero toys (and I borrowed a bunch of toys from my kids – ashamed to say that more toys were “collected” than “borrowed”). Given that the painting had what could seem like an overwhelming amount of detail, I tried to find some objects that had large, flat plains of color and were very simple. The Funko Pops action figures were exactly what I needed – gives the eye a chance to rest in the sea of detail. Was having too much fun painting the figures for “Super” – didn’t want to stop. Thought it might be fun to line up some of the figures in a classic line-up pose. Just needed to line out the Justice League collection by picking up Superman and Batman – figures that did not appear in “Super.” Yeah, I know – for those who really want to split hairs, I’m missing Cyclops, who rounds out the current Justice League. But, I decided to go with some of the classics. My dining room table is the background for most of my still life paintings. Great warm brown background. On the day I snapped reference photos, was getting some great reflections. Waited for the right lighting and amplified the effect – love how this one turned out.