Every Christmas, a slew of us go to Jim Thorpe, PA to take a train ride through the mountains. Great family time. The train cars are old antiques. Christmas music plays the entire time – not modern stuff, but the good old-fashioned stuff that puts you in the mood. I make it a point, every year, to embarrass my nephews and my son – as people are exiting the train, I grab the microphone and start singing “Santa Claus is Coming To Town.” Never fails – can always get others to join in. Every year, there’s a Santa that works his way through the train, taking pictures with kids and handing out candy canes. In 2013, the Santa was especially good. Check out some of the extra details on his suit – Santa had a bit of a hippie vibe going on. Snapped a few photos and was inspired to draw. Cranked this one out in one sitting January 1st – great way to spend New Year’s Day.