Another “Taste Of Home” painting – this one is #27 in the series – “Good’s Cheese Curls.” Oil on linen canvas. 16” X 12”. My home county, Berks, is considered “the pretzel capital of the world”, and Reading is known as “Pretzel City.” Took pretzels for granted until I moved out of the area to Houston, TX, in the 90’s – couldn’t get a decent pretzel anywhere (although I quickly fell in love with what Texas had to offer like BBQ, Tex Mex, Cajun food, and chicken fried steaks). When we moved back to Berks, I renewed my pretzel addiction. All the pretzel factories in the area make pretzel alternatives, cheese curls being one of the most popular – Good’s and Bachman’s make the best, and the recent addition of Unique Splitz “Puffzels” are welcome. My “Tastes Of Home” series features food brands local to Reading/Berks County, Pennsylvania Dutch Country, and the greater Philadelphia area.