We had just gotten back from a local orchard – try to pick apples with the family every Fall. Sun was low in the sky. About an hour before sunset, on a clear day, the sun creates a wonderful orange cast. Staged some of the apples in various settings and snapped some shots. Finished shooting, and laid the apples on the kitchen table – just threw them there randomly. Sat down to review the shots on my camera, and, out of the corner of my eye, saw this interesting pattern of apples and a strong light reflecting of the kitchen table coming through the patio window. Created these wonderful blue, green, and purple highlights on the table and strong highlights on the top edges of the apples. Liked the challenge of creating subtle value changes in the shadows. Just goes to show – sometimes the best compositions are accidental and good lighting is available when you least expect it. I find that some of my best painting ideas come when I’m not trying. at the fights in Philadelphia with some friends. We go to the fights a few times a year – started at the Blue Horizon. But, Russell Peltz, the hall-of-fame fight promoter, moved to The New Alhambra in South Philly. Love this place – didn’t think he would be able to maintain the magic of the Blue Horizon, but he did. It’s a big event for us – we usually go to Tony Luke’s for a cheesesteak before the fights. And, we’re there from the first fight to the last fight of the night.

During the championship fight of the evening, my friends, Prentis, Eric, and Vidal, struck up a conversation with some people in front of us. Turned out to be the father, brother, and wife of the fighter. Came in from Mexico City for the fight. Real nice people. So, we started cheering extra loud for this fighter. Was a great fight – went the distance. In the last round, I guess the fighter’s wife couldn’t take the pressure, so she had to stand. Eric said, “check her out – wouldn’t that make a great painting.” She was fidgeting, had her hands over her mouth, and, in general, looked as stressed as someone could be. Snapped a few shots of her and panned the camera around the arena to get some other shots. The wife is the figure on the far right. Originally wanted to title this “Fighter’s Wife,” but changed my mind – wanted the painting to be about the entire fight experience. Thanks for the idea, Eric.