“Corn Pie” is another one in the ”Tastes Of Home” series. Had to paint this one when we we’re going into fresh corn season in our part of Pennsylvania. I always look forward to buttered corn on the cob fresh from a local farm stand in July and August. When I was a kid, my dad would look forward to this time – one of his favorite foods was this Pennsylvania Dutch classic, corn pie. He would get corn pie from his mother, or my mom would make it. The standard recipe was fresh corn cut off the cob and hard-boiled egg wedges baked in a pie crust. Pie was served hot out of the oven in a bowl with a splash of cold milk over the top (at least, that’s how we ate it at my house). I wasn’t much of a corn pie fan when I was a kid. My favorite part – leftover pie dough scraps were used to make milk tarts (aka “slop pie”). Leftover dough is formed into smaller pie crusts. A few tablespoons of flour and sugar are sprinkled in the middle of the crust. Cream or milk is added. Tradition has it that the mix is stirred with your finger to incorporate. A few pats of butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top, baked for a bit, and you have an amazing custard pie…back to corn pie. I’ve learned to love corn pie. I doctor up the classic recipe a bit by adding onion, celery, minced jalapeños, garlic, and a bit of chicken base. Despite the additions, the flavor doesn’t deviate too much from the original. My “Tastes Of Home” painting series features food and food brands local to Reading/Berks County, Pennsylvania Dutch Country, and the greater Philadelphia area.