Quick simple apple painting using reference photos from the Apple Harmony photo shoot. Loved amping up the saturation of the colors in the reflected light.

Drew this from a reference photo of a street performer in Verona, Italy taken while on family vacation the Summer of 2019. This guy was kind of creepy. Had the bottom part of his legs in the box. Would reach out toward little kids if they ventured to close to him and his tip basket. His reach was longer than expected – he wasn’t as short as he appeared. Saw him scare a few kids that way. Yeah – creepy. Included the background graffiti to enhance the uneasiness and grittiness of this drawing.

Kids were horsing around while waiting to be seated for dinner at a farm in Tuscany while on vacation the Summer of 2019. Love the friendship that has developed among all my kids – this captures Em and Cole’s relationship and personalities well. Created this colored pencil drawing during the Corona virus lockdown – that vacation seems like ages ago.

Loved including the whole family in this one – a celebration of a great time while on vacation in Italy. The blues of the Mediterranean are unreal – deep cobalt/Prussian blues mixed with spots of green/teal. Live, the colors don’t seem real because they are so vibrant. This landscape is a little different for me – most of my landscapes are at dusk or night. Wanted to do something like some of my earlier landscapes and do something bright and cheery in full sun (given the Corona virus lockdown, wanted to paint something more uplifting). But, I used many of my normal compositional go to’s – a panoramic view, extreme foreground figures, and a circular composition. Painting cobbled together from a number of reference photos taken of Manarola while on family vacation in Northern Italy the Summer of 2019. Painted this while on Corona virus lockdown – that vacation seems like eons ago – my, how things have changed.

My son, Cole, was able to cap off his soccer career with his travel team, the Blue Devils, with a tournament in Orlando, Florida. Was able to get the trip in right before the Corona virus lockdown went into full effect. Did this colored pencil drawing to celebrate him and his accomplishments. Reference photo taken during this tournament.

Although this says “on canvas”, this painting was the first that I’ve created on a prepared wood panel. Boy, this took some getting used to. It’s like the difference between driving on blacktop and driving on ice. The wood panel was a “slick track”. The panel had next to no “grab”, so I really had to adjust. Had to think about edges and transitions. Was more difficult to blend.

Always enjoy painting neon signs. Liked the challenge of painting this during a rainy gray day background. That’s my son walking in the foreground – had to bribe him to pose with some baked goods.

Termini’s Bakery in Philly is the best. The best cannoli anywhere. And, their Italian cookies are to die for. Great cheesecake. It’s all good. When entertaining friends from out of town, gotta get some Termini’s after a cheesesteak run.

Created this oil painting at the request of my son, Cole. “Dad, you should do a soccer painting.” I told him, “one condition – we do this together.” That’s why there’s a portrait of him by my signature. And, Cole named the painting. Painting includes all of Cole’s favorite players. And, the players had to have the right, most-representative jerseys on. Once the painting was finished, we had a number of giclees made – gave the prints to Cole’s best friends as high school graduation gifts. Names of his Blue Devil teammates and coaches are in the painting. I have loved watching Cole’s love of the game develop. And, I’ve become a fan as well. The game has been a wonderful gift that has helped me get closer to my son – enjoyed commemorating that experience in this painting.

Colored pencil drawing of Cole playing soccer on his school team. Reference photo from his senior year season.

Had fun painting the reflections from the Christmas lights on this one. This painting is all about light and texture. Composition is very complex. There’s lots of fur, clear glass, and reflective surfaces. And, the lights create all kinds of reflections. So, “white” hair in the painting was painted using yellow, red, purple, and a host of other colors. The complexity of this one made it fun to create.

Another toy car painting. In this one, wanted to use different size cars. Wanted the larger cars to form the main structure of the composition. Then, I used smaller cars to fill in the gaps.