Over the Holidays, we spent a few days at the Jersey Shore. I love going to the shore in the Winter – no one’s on the beach, it’s peaceful, and all the natural noises seem enhanced because they’re not drowned out by the sounds of people milling about. One rainy afternoon, we decided to drive down the coast and do some shopping in Avalon and Stone Harbor. As the afternoon wore on, it started to rain. Nothing else to do, so we decided to drive to Cape May to see the Christmas lights on the houses. Great idea. Right before it got dark, the sky was bathed in a beautiful indigo blue. Since the streets were wet, the lights created warm reflections off the sidewalks and streets. Got weird looks from a number of people (4 of which were my family) as I stood in the rain, in the middle of the street, snapping pictures. Got soaked, but it was worth it. I probably took 50 reference shots in all, a number of which will make great paintings. This is the 3rd painting in this series.