Love the story behind this painting. Was at the fights in Phili with my father and some friends. I’m a diehard – I’m there for the first fight and stay through to the last round of the last fight. Many people leave after the main event. Well, one night, after the main event, there was a 4-round fight featuring this guy from Phili, Joey. Must have been only 100 people left in the place, 90 of which seemed to be friends and family of this guy. They were going nuts chanting his name, “Joey, Joey.” Was a great fight. Went toe-to-toe with this other guy from the Carolinas. Both guys leaving it all out in the ring. Joey scored a knock out with seconds left in the fight. The place went wild. Seemed to us like this was the fight of his life. Called Joey to the ring ropes and snapped some shots of him – he was so excited by the win. Wasn’t snapping the shots as a painting reference, but when I reviewed them, was drawn to the light behind Joey’s head. And, his eyes were closed. Gave the composition a spiritual, religious icon feel. Can sense his weariness the way his hand hangs over the rope.