Enjoyed painting this large-scale toy-themed painting – this one ties the themes of all the other toy paintings together. Originally wanted to paint a super realistic close up of the “Pinpression” push-pin toys. But, wasn’t pleased with any of the photography. So, I incorporated in to a larger still life. I love peoples’ reaction when they view this painting in my studio. Like the other toy paintings, there’s a lot of detail and a number of nostalgic toys and ones with personal meaning. This arrangement includes Star Wars figures, Mr. Potatohead, various superheroes like Wolverine and Spiderman, Rock’em Sock’em Robots, Barbie dolls, a James Brown doll (had to figure out a way to shoehorn “The Godfather of Soul” into one of my paintings), various dinosaurs, toy soldiers, Hot Wheel cars, and a slew of others.